I like to trade forex or foreign exchange are trading currency pairs, and one of the most important reasons for me
was that it is possible to get started with a very small account. You don’t have to buy expensive shares. Once everything is running as expected, it’s never a problem to scale things up.
Forex is very scalable. If you use a so-called send account that makes things even easier for beginners, the forex market is a very liquid market, which means that you have no problems buying or sell something whenever you want around the clock. It might be a problem in less liquid markets to close a position because you always need to find a counterpart
who wants to buy or sell what you have to offer. If you trade liquid currency pairs, that are
never a problem, liquidity is a very important thing. The currency market is vast, but there is no CEO, you don’t have a board of directors, and you don’t need to fear that somebody will declare insolvency. I have never seen a currency pair disappear in the last few years. Therefore, we can expect currencies to be around forever
because coins are what we all need to buy or sell goods and services. Thus, currencies will not disappear for shares. That isn’t always the case. If a company does something stupid, the share price might be affected if you have traded shares in Germany, you might remember the telecom share that didn’t go so well, and a lot of people have lost a lot of money
because of emotional reasons they like to buy shares from companies they like for example people who like apple devices might also want to buy Apple shares, but for currency pairs, there is no emotional attachment I buy or sell because I want to make a profit, so forex trading is less emotional ok these are my reasons thank you

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