The 52-week saving challenge that will make you richer

Saving is one of the hardest things to do.

We take it as a whim, but in the end, we always regret not having done so.

Today I’m going to tell you a simple and easy challenge to meet.

Start this 2021 and I’m sure by the end of the year you’ll be a little richer.

How does the 52-week saving challenge work?
It’s very simple, every week we must save an amount, we start by:

The first week of January we saved 1€
In the second week of January, we saved 2€
In the third week of January, we saved 3€
And so until the 52nd week of the year, where that week we saved 52€
The total is €1,378 saved in the year.

Simple, isn’t it?

You can also start conversely, if you have received gifts this Christmas you can invest them in your savings (money).

And tell you, if you’re young, you’re in the best place to start saving.

What to do with saving the 52 weeks?
Of course, this saving is not for you to buy the Play5, it is for you to invest and put it to work.

And no, I don’t recommend opening a Forex trading account, I recommend investing it in an ETF (indexed fund) or some of the best company shares.

Where can you buy shares or ETFs at zero cost? Here, play first and try a demo.

Summing up
90% of our problems are money problems.

Make sure you make enough money to solve all those money problems.

Your quality of life will increase substantially.

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