Is It Better To Trade Forex On Your Phone Or Laptop?

 trade is a forex brokerage that allows you to trade forex cryptocurrencies commodities and indices with 500 leverage their withdrawal times are very fast up to 24 hours from the time that you request it and one of my favorite features about hank trade is the fact that you can trade micro lots on indices and you don’t have to worry about it blowing your account unlike other brokerages where a micro lot is like trading a standard lot on forex you can also deposit and withdraw in several different types of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin litecoin Ethereum and so on they also include up to one hundred percent of an equity bonus meaning if you deposit a hundred dollars they can give you up to an extra one hundred dollars worth of equity to help you trade to get started visit or use the link down below this video so my office is almost done you want to check out this world map i got watch this so here’s the world map so now when i have students come in from all across the world i have push pins you push the pin on where you live i know it’s just a one-man show here dealing with a few people at a time so it’s going to take me a few years to really fill up everywhere in the world but i have a feeling that within a year or two we could easily fill up every country on this planet i mean that’s kind of a stretch i don’t think every country but you get what i’m saying majority of the world i think we can make that happen uh if i do these one-on-one sessions in person for like a few years in a row i could have most of this world covered up but yeah who knows it might just be a big ambition we’ll see but that’s the new map i’m gonna put it right here on the wall and then uh we’ll be all set so in this video this is gonna be a random topic today we’re gonna talk about is it better to trade forex from your phone or from your computer now when i say phone i’m also including a tablet so if you have a tablet phone we’re just gonna combine that into one category and then your computer will be a separate category there are many obvious pros and cons to both categories

whether it’s your phone or your computer there are many pros and cons so here’s an example if you’re trading from your computer the great benefit of that is you can hook up expert advisors you can hook up indicators you can hook up custom applications you can do a whole lot more from your computer but the downside is we’re not carrying our desktop computer with us 24 7 and you can’t fit that desktop computer in your pocket that’s where phones come in handy you can day trade from your phone now i hear a lot of people saying you can’t trade from your phone you can’t make money from your phone you need to trade on a computer and i think i’ve already debunked that probably several hundred times just by showing people that i trade 99 of the time from my phone i barely ever hop on my computer the only time i hop on my computer if i’m testing out an indicator that works with my strategy if i’m testing out an expert advisor or if i’m building my own expert advisor or something that is the only time that i’m actually on the computer now i’m not saying that you need to follow along with that i’m not saying that you also need to you know have my mentality it’s just me it’s just what i’ve developed over my past five to six year years of day trading now i’ve learned to just trade for my phone i’ll tell you why i personally love to trade for my phone and then let’s see if you think the same way or if you think completely opposite let’s see so the reason why i love trading from my phone is because it’s a very compact view i’m able to it’s also a lot easier for me to see patterns so m’s w’s v formations anything that i have recognized over my five to six years of trading it’s 10 times easier to spot them on the phone because the chart is compressed it’s compacted on the computer it’s not it’s this big screen and you’re going to see patterns everywhere you’re going to see m’s w’s but it’s not as per it’s not as prominent it’s not as easy to see compared to on the phone hey editor justin here i just want to also mention that the reason why i only need my iphone to trade is because my strategy is so simple that this is all i need so if you haven’t already watched my strategy videos teaching you my strategy for free i recommend you go back to my channel and you find that video i i should be talking about you know trading us 30 something a video like that but yeah my strategy is so simple that i don’t even need a computer

i just need my phone so i just want to clarify that’s why i only need my phones because it’s so simple obviously another benefit of trading from your phone is that you can trade anywhere that you have a cellular connection or a wi-fi connection so when i’m traveling when i’m at friend’s house parents house whatever maybe i always have my phone on me i can pull out my phone pull out the chart look at the chart analyze it make a decision or just not get into a trade one benefit of trading from a phone as well is that you can twist it in two different ways you can’t really twist your monitor horizontal and then vertical technically i guess you can because they have monitors nowadays that let you pivot it in you know 90 degree angles most people don’t have that kind of monitor so trying to justify that you know you can twist your monitors not really good justification comparing it to a phone because on your phone let’s say you don’t like it in the portrait mode if you don’t like it like this all you have to do is turn your phone sideways and there you go you have the full view and you can zoom out and you can zoom in another benefit of the phone is that you have the same applications on your phone than you do on the computer 99 of you probably use trading view and guess what there’s trading view on the phone so the great thing about it is any changes you make to your phone on trading view will also be applied to the desktop trading view as long as you’re signed into the same account there’s this whole debate in the trading industry just like in the apple versus android world there’s this whole fight people are saying apple’s better no android’s better same thing here in trading people say trading from your phone is better no trading from your computer is better really there is no answer it’s all based on what works best for you that’s why i’m making these videos because i get this question asked probably a hundred times per week i’m exaggerating i’m obviously exaggerating not that many times but it’s a lot a lot of people ask me all the time what should i trade from from my phone or my computer and i say find what works best for you so if you ask me this question in my dms on instagram youtube whatever it may be i’m just gonna forward you to this video that’s why i’m making it is to let you know it doesn’t matter but to give you my answer i’ve been trading purely from my phone for the past probably three plus years now my first two years of trading which is all only on my computer just so i can see the chart and everything but as i started to trade for my phone i realized it’s a lot easier for me to see patterns and specific things that

I look for in the market it’s easier for me to see it on my phone than on the computer now I will tell you this if you’re more of an indicator person, you want to see indicators visibly on the chart. Suppose you’re not using a platform like trading view because of the trading view. In that case, you can see the hands on the map on your phone and your computer, so it doesn’t matter which platform you use at that point, but if you like to see indicators on your chart visibly, then trading from your computer will be best in my opinion mainly if you use a platform like metatrader4 or metatrader5 it’s ten times easier to see the indicators on the chart on the computer. If you’re brand new to trading forex, you’re probably wondering what platform should I trade on. This isn’t something you can pick. It’s based on what your broker allows, so as an example, let’s say you’re dealing with a broker that only allows MetaTrader 4. You can only trade on MetaTrader 4.

Suppose you’re trading on a brokerage that has three different platforms like ninjatrader x station and metatrader5. In that case, you can pick between x station ninjatrader or metatrader5 but unfortunately, 99 of forex brokers all across the planet only support MetaTrader 4.

I say unfortunately because there are some very sexy platforms out there that are that I love, and they also have mobile apps, so I just wanted to rant today talking about my favorite platforms talking about trading on iPhone or just trading phone versus a computer, in general, it really only comes down to your personal preference I like trading on my Ipad pro as well when I’m traveling now I bring my iPad with me everywhere it’s crazy how fast this world adapts and evolves in the past we used to have these big bulky computers, and you know big monitors nowadays everything you would use a big computer for in the past you can do all from your phone believe it or not I edit 100 of my youtube videos from my iPad pro the only time I use my computer for final cut uh when I use my absolute cut pro editing software on my MacBook pro the only time I do that is when I’m hardcore editing like animations when I did that Miami vlog with nick that’s when I used my MacBook pro

but every other video I’ve ever made on my youtube channel is all done for my Ipad pro-technology is such a great thing, and that’s why I always tell people if you have a smartphone, take advantage of it. I don’t care if you’re doing day trading, if you’re doing stocks if you’re doing dropshipping. I don’t watch what you’re doing in your life. Take full advantage of the technology that is given to you because if you have people like my age who’s able to make a living from trading and other sources of income just from trading through my phone and my iPad so can you now one thing I will say is that just because it’s accessible doesn’t mean you should hop into it without any research whatsoever just because something is super accessible doesn’t mean you should do it doesn’t mean it’s right for you so make sure you do your research. I recommend you go to a free training

this is going to give you a great start to learning how to trade forex, and the basics of forex and stuff like that. Do that before you buy any expensive course that costs like 500 or a thousand bucks. Trust me because 99 of the information you’re going to learn and paid courses out there is the same information that you’re going to learn on so I’m saving you years of trial and error and thousands of dollars in wasted money, so that’s it for today’s video let me

know in the comment section down below which do you like to trade better on your phone or your computer and hey you never know because of Elon musk and the whole neural link thing it’s possible that in the future we could trade from our mind imagine that you wake up you’re like I want to sell you as DJ puy with one lot boom you check your phone and already open the trade I guarantee you one day something like that will happen that’d be kind of scary though because what if you accidentally think about it and it opens up trades now 

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