How to be a FOREX TRADER IN 2021

all right, so a lot of people have been messing me about hey you know like what’s the best place to start forex before you get any course or any formal education is going to be here go to go to this website how to trade fox and then you’re going to get to this preschool go through this preschool course outline go through kindergarten learn about brokers go through elementary support resistance levels and Japanese
kind of sex this is gonna get your basics down it’s gonna be comfortable with the terms and like you know what kind of terms we use and stuff like that um and yeah i mean till then it’s going to be awesome and then next going to be go to youtube and type in how to use metatrader5 or metatrader4 and you’re going to get to this video and learn how to use this platform download it now go to any brokerage website and download the platform and play around with it because this is going to be where all your trading is going to go got all the basics down the platform down next what i want you to do is go to my youtube page wix don’t lie and you’re gonna get to and then go to sort by and go to like oldest to news videos um and then what’s gonna happen is then you can watch this webinar really good webinar the signs look into folks in life takes you from the basics to sort of like how to read candles um next we have a lot more important videos right over here how to identify support resistance how that how to identify support resistance like the second version
how to trade candles and Wix then I did some virtual class videos like what are wick fills the simple explanation this is really a simple concept for trading right candles uh forex entries and counter-trends like impulse entries and then how to read the market right so so all this information is going to get you ready towards basic price action and then if you want you can get a course man get microfluidic course get some other course whatever you want to do, but that’s going to help you a lot you

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