Forex Trading Tips: Is Forex trading a scam?

A lot of people try trading for one week or one month. They check the results see that it’s not happening, and then they give up. They go around saying that trading is
a scam, and it doesn’t work, you know, because they can’t see it for themselves; they think it’s how it is.
They don’t consider for a minute that they are failing. Their approach is failing, not trading if someone is not happy with the results you have to change there is no other way for example trading under pressure tends to be a bad idea as it can lead to bad decisions you have to place your trades when you feel strong. You’ll most probably
have to wait to see the results. Some people can’t see that trading is a very calculated game and details need to be taken seriously. Details like what instruments you trade, how aggressive you are when you trade, and your mentality when you trade? All these details contribute to your success and your profits, so with the new year, put down the areas that you’ll be working put in more work and more detail. This will help you develop the process and understand how much work you have to turn into your lifestyle. Thank you.
Happy holidays you

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